The Minister's Statement

I believe in peace that comes from strength - a strong desire to live side by side, not one nation living at the expense of another. I believe that economic peace can be a foundation on the path to true peace and can lead to stable relationships over the years.

The Ministry of Regional Cooperation is a significant anchor in promoting regional relations between Israel and its neighbors. The purpose of the Ministry is to identify and create opportunities for strategic connections and partnerships. These opportunities will enable the development and improvement of regional/international projects with socio-economic potential, whose very existence will contribute to the economic and social development of all residents of the region.

The advantage of the State of Israel as a powerful regional country in the fields of technology and cyber, energy, agriculture, and science, is evident and known throughout the world. We will take advantage of these benefits to promote collaborations in the regional area.

I took it upon myself to lead the Ministry's vision that recognizes the importance of identifying mutual regional interests, as a catalyst for the realization of economic peace - which will, overtime - serve as an anchor for the elevation of the peace process between Israel and its Middle East neighbors.
The upcoming years are expected to be filled with activities in which we will launch the implementation of a number of key projects, along with large-scale planning promotion.

Our leading projects that will help implement the policy:
The Jordan Gateway – A joint project between Israel and Jordan. The Ministry is preparing to launch the tender to facilitate an industrial and employment zone on the Israeli side. The industrial park is expected to provide thousands of new jobs and substantially develop Israel's economic and trade routes with Jordan, specifically, and the Arab world in general.

The Red Sea Dead Sea Project - The Ministry is preparing to launch the tender for the implementation of phase one, which includes the facilitation of the desalination plant and placement of the main pipe which will provide water to the remainder of the brine to Jordan, the Arava Region, and the Dead Sea.
We are carrying out the implementation of the historic government decision, 959, to develop and enhance the Druze and Circassian areas in the State of Israel. Its outcome can already be seen in the vast majority of projects including the fields of education, employment, and infrastructure. We have recently allocated an additional 200 million shekels designed to allow the authorities to handle the effects of the Corona Virus pandemic and finalize projects; the development of these projects is at its final stages.

We intend to emphasize joint activities with the authorities near our borders, in projects with social-economic, environmental, and energy benefits, enhances our connections with Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority. Simultaneously, we have begun exploring new cooperations with Mediterranean countries such as Cyprus and Greece, as well as others. Within those, there are possibilities of agriculture and trilateral cooperation in the triangle border of Aqaba - Sinai - Eilat. 
Our Ministry is obligated to continue enhancing these activities – bridging borders and people – aiding to strengthen and establish international regional relationships for the benefit of people in the whole area, and for achieving, like our vision, sustainable peace between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East.

Remember: we are an ancient people – with a bright future.

Yours truly,
Minister Ofir Akunis
The Ministry of Regional Cooperation 

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