Director General Statement

The Ministry for Regional Cooperation was created to fulfill Israel's desire, since the day of its founding, to strengthen its ties with its neighbors. The Ministry leads ventures in cooperation with the nations of the region. Our initial focus has been to support economic cooperation with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, with the hope of expanding our efforts to the Gulf States, Turkey and beyond. 

We work with Ministries across the Israeli government so we can seize every opportunity to advance Israel's strategic interests while executing the vision of a more prosperous Middle East for our benefit and that of our neighbors. 

Our office is open to any new ideas that will serve that broad purpose and   I invite anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to propose new projects that we can implement in the interest of creating a better future for the citizens of Israel and the entire Middle East.


Joseph Draznin, Ph.D. Director General

The Ministry of Regional Cooperation 

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